Danny Gatton is THE HUMBLER.

Danny was a master of blues, country, rock, bluegrass, and  jazz styles – his ability was so overwhelming to other guitarists that they nicknamed him  “The Humbler”.  Danny Gatton has often been called “The World’s Greatest Unknown Guitarist” because he never got the recognition he deserved in his short life.

We are making a feature documentary about the exceptional and tragic life of this rare musician.

Danny tells his own story.

Video Culture, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt arts organization who has been producing The Humbler -Danny Gatton since it’s inception. We have the full support of Danny’s daughter, Holly Gatton, and his widow, Jan Gatton.

Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s, Video Culture taped Danny in performance and exclusive interviews, and we have continued to collect Danny footage.  We are honored by the many people who have shared their Danny material with us.

After 27 years, we have amassed an extraordinary archive of Danny Gatton and his awesome musical colleagues – much of it will be new to his devoted and ever-growing fan base.  Together we are ensuring the legacy of the American master guitarist, Danny Gatton!!!

Where are we in the process of creating this documentary?  We raised funds for the final shooting and editing of this piece last fall. The editing is underway and we hope to be submitting to Festivals late summer. It was always our plan to seek distribution from Festivals to cover the phase 2 costs. Please sign up updates to be kept in the loop. Or just enjoy what we are already sharing. 🙂