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October 4th, 1994

GATTON DEAD OF GUNSHOT WOUND  original article By Richard Harrington October 6, 1994 Danny Gatton, once described as "The World's Greatest Unknown Guitar Player," apparently committed suicide Tuesday evening at his farm in Newburg, Md.Friends and family were stunned by the sudden death of the internationally renowned musician, who was a longtime fixture on the Washington music scene.According to Lt. Joe Montminy of the Charles County Sherriff's Office, police received a call from the Gatton home at 9:30 p.m. An emergency medical services team arrived at 9:41 p.m. and pronounced Gatton, 49, dead of a gunshot wound to the head that "appears [...]

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Why Danny Gatton was called “The Humbler”

Danny Gatton was given the title of "The Humbler" by Amos Garrett. Amos was in attendance at a live show in Berkeley, California in 1981 with Robert Gordon and Danny Gatton when a bootleg recording was made.  Amos got a copy of this famous bootleg and he tagged it as "The Humbler". This title stuck as the tape passed through many guitar circles. NRG records released the bootleg recording officially in 1996. Glenn Holley was the producer. Cover of "The Humbler" CDRobert Gordon and Danny Gatton Live at Berkeley Square 1981

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Washingtonian Magazine writes about films immortalizing music legends – including “The Humbler” "The Humbler -Danny Gatton" was written up in a recent Washington Magazine article that profiled local music stories that are being immortalized on film. These films included the "Root Boy Slim" documentary; Feast Your Ears - The Story of WHFS 102.3 FM; and Nighthawks on the Blue Highway.  The Humbler, the story of Grammy-nominated guitarist Danny Gatton, is nearly finished, says director and Twinbrook resident Virginia Quesada. A veteran of music videos and documentaries, she’s worked “off and on” for 26 years on the DC-born Gatton’s story. The film is“ramping up now,” Quesada says, and she plans to launch [...]

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Danny Gatton Solos with a Full Beer Bottle

Guitar World News Danny Gatton Solos with a Full Beer Bottle and Towel — Video Posted 08/25/2015 by Damian Fanelli The late Danny Gatton had a nickname: "The Humbler." As in, "You think you're so great? Let's see you go head to head with Gatton. You will be humbled."  Guitar World DVD: Learn '30 Hot Country Licks' in Styles of Brent Mason, Danny Gatton, James Burton and More Gatton, who also was known as "the Telemaster" and "the world's greatest unknown guitarist" (a nickname he shared with his friend Roy Buchanan) could play country, rockabilly, jazz and blues guitar with equal authority—and sometimes [...]

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The Gatton Method with “NIT Pickin'”

A scan of the text and transcriptions by Joe Gore of how Danny Gatton describes "NIT Pickin" his Soundpage Contribution to Guitar Player in March of 1989. Danny was told you got five minutes to incorporate as many styles as you can into one song. And "NIT Pickin'" was more a less a sampler of things that Danny does. Danny Gatton showed what you can do by changing pickups, tone, picking patterns, where you pick, and whatever - to show as much variety as possible. Danny demonstrates his right-hand approach. He hold a flat pick between his thumb and index [...]

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Danny Gatton Through the Cracks

Danny Gatton (9/4/1945 – 10/20/1994) (original article found here) Danny Gatton – Danny Gatton’s story is not one of hit records, world tours, or fame and fortune, and his name is more known to musicians than the public or music industry at large. Danny had the amazing ability to meld jazz, country, blues rockabilly, and rock into a style all his own. His mastery of the guitar earned him the nickname “The Humbler” from fellow guitarists. Much of his recognition came very late in his career and most of that only after his untimely death. Gatton was born in Washington, [...]

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Joel Harrison On Danny Gatton

Guitarist Joel Harrison on Local Legends, D.C. Roadhouse Sounds, and Anthony Pirog Posted by Steve Kiviat on March 26, 2015 at 11:15 am (original article) New York-based, D.C.-raised guitarist Joel Harrison is best known as a jazz player with South Asian and classical influences. But this Saturday night, he’s taking a D.C. roadhouse approach, and on Sunday, he's taking on the sound of a jazz-funk-rock power trio. On Saturday at the recently expanded honky-tonk JV's in Falls Church, Harrison, who is on the locally based Cuneiform Records, will be joining labelmate and fellow eclectic guitarist Anthony Pirog as part of [...]

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The Fastest Guitar… Danny Gatton

The Washington Post THE FASTEST GUITAR IN THE EAST By RICHARD HARRINGTON August 11, 1991 (original article) THE FASTEST GUITAR IN THE EAST. OR THE WEST, OR THE SOUTH-OR ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET, REALLY. A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK DANNY GATTON IS THE BEST GUITAR PLAYER ALIVE. SO WHY DO FAME AND FORTUNE JUST KEEP STRINGING HIM ALONG? Club Soda is across the street from the Uptown Theatre, where someday "The Danny Gatton Story" could premiere in Cinemascope and Sensurround. It would be a riffs-to-riches Hollywood fantasy in which a struggling guitar virtuoso is discovered by a visiting talent scout [...]

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National Public Radio on Danny Gatton

Danny Gatton: 'World's Greatest Unknown Guitarist' Updated October 4, 2009 6:42 PM ET PHIL HARRELL Listen to the Story All Things Considered 4:53 (original article) He was the man Guitar magazine dubbed "The World's Greatest Unknown Guitarist." Danny Gatton stayed in the musical shadows while building a cult following as a sort of honky-tonk Eric Clapton. Gatton killed himself 15 years ago Sunday. GUY RAZ, host: We close tonight's program with someone you may not have heard of, but he left an indelible mark on the guitar world. His name was Danny Gatton. On this day, 15 years ago, Gatton [...]

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Danny Gatton – Rubber City

September 24, 2010 Danny Gatton, The Humbler (original article) Posted by Rubber City Review Danny Gatton, The HumblerWithout question, the best guitarist I ever witnessed in person was Danny Gatton. And I’ve seen some great ones. Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan, together in “The Fire Meets the Fury” tour of 1989… Vaughan was always a force of nature, but ultimately a little predictable. Beck was a revelation, though – even playing the dreaded jazz-fusion. I had no idea he could summon all those incredible sounds from his Stratocaster with just bare fingers against strings, and very few special effects. [...]

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