Interviews for The Humbler -Danny Gatton

/Interviews for The Humbler -Danny Gatton

Joey DeFrancesco rave for “The Humbler -Danny Gatton”

We recently interviewed Joey DeFrancesco for "The Humbler - Danny Gatton". Danny and Joey made history together with their incredible album "Relentless". Recorded by engineer Ed Eastridge at his studio Big Mo in 1994. Danny Gatton and Joey DeFrancesco are both monster players and this album is very popular worldwide. more Danny Gatton at more Joey DeFrancesco at Director of Photography was Sheila Smith Producer/Director was Virginia Quesada Sound was Jim Gilchrist Lighting was Louise Hernon

Joey DeFrancesco rave for “The Humbler -Danny Gatton” 2017-01-02T20:17:03+00:00