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A percentage of all sales helps us complete the film and Spread the Word about The Humbler – Danny Gatton !! We are very grateful for your support!!

All our merchandise is silkscreened and printed right here in the USA!  

Danny Gatton Humbler T-Shirt

Check out this gorgeous new T-Shirt designed by uber-talented graphic artist Brian Yohn, who designed this T-Shirt for The Humbler Campaign. Brian also runs Danny Gatton Music with his wife, Holly Gatton.

We offer Men’s T-Shirts in Large, XL, 2XL , 3XL.    The women’s T-Shirts run VERY SMALL.   We offer Women’s T-Shirts in Large, XL, and  2XL. The women’s T-shirts have a V Neck.  We ship worldwide.

Men's Large & XL
Men's 2X-Large, 3X-Large
Women's Large, XL, 2XL
Danny Gatton 1st Tribute T-Shirt by Ronnie Joyner

Great News! The awesome and incomparable Ronnie Joyner has re-created his art work for the T-Shirt that he designed for The First Tribute for Danny Gatton.  Ronnie is  renowned not only for his graphic art work and illustrations but also as a musician.   We are grateful for his support !!  These T-Shirts run “normal” to roomy for both men and women.  The women’s T-Shirts have a V neck.  We will ship worldwide.

Men's T-Shirt Large & XL
Men's 2X-Large, 3X-Large
Women's Large, X-Large, 2X-Large
Danny Gatton Bumper Sticker

Danny Gatton Bumper Sticker  

This donation says you are a supporter and a fan of the great, late guitarist Danny Gatton. For $12 you get a bumper sticker so that you can Spread The Word every time you drive!

Danny Gatton Bumper Sticker
The Humbler Danny Gatton feature documentary campaign image

Our Indiegogo Campaign was successful – THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

Danny Gatton Signature Fender Telecaster

We are happy to announce exciting contributions to The Humbler –Danny Gatton feature documentary from Fender, the Fender Custom Shop and Jay Monterose of Vintique Guitars !!!!

Fender contributed a Danny Gatton Signature Fender Telecaster body, neck and assorted parts to the Humbler campaign with the understanding that the guitar would be assembled and finished by Danny Gatton’s longtime friend and guitar tech, Jay Monterose.

This authentic body from the Fender Custom Shop is made from southern “Swamp Ash” which is the soundboard of choice for Telecaster style bodies. The body is painted Frost gold.

The Fender Custom Shop guitar neck is hard Maple and has some Birdseye figure. An extra first position fret marker has been added, as well as, custom cubic zirconium side markers. The extra fret and the cubic zirconium markers are two distinct Gatton model features not found on any other Fender guitar.

The neck has the Fender 50’s style logo decal and “Danny Gatton” signature decal that denotes this guitar as an authentic Danny Gatton Signature Fender Telecaster model!

Jay Monterose, of Vintique Guitars assembled the guitar and added custom hardware and modifications. Danny and Jay jointly created: the renown Vintique Stainless “Gatton” bridgeplate;  a custom control plate; and the Generation 5 proprietary heavily knurled control knobs that afford the player a “no slip” grip while performing steel guitar “volume swells” and tone control “Wah- Wah” effects!

Jeromie Stephens did a beautiful “one of a kind” Damascus style engine turn finish on the Vintique stainless steel bridge plate and control plate. Gorgeous…

Other special features include the Vintique Neck Attachment System or “Neck kit” which attaches the neck and body together with machine threaded stainless bolts for maximum sustain and facilitates maintenance free neck removal for adjusting the vintage style truss rod.

A Hard bone nut and special original style machine heads with round 50’s style string tree complete the neck build and the 22 medium tall frets make for smooth bending, good intonation and easy playing.

This beautiful guitar also sports an authentic black Bakelite pickguard and switchtip and all parts are attached with oval head phillips stainless steel screws throughout.

The custom control assemble incorporates an CRL 3-way selector switch modified to Danny’s specs by bending the tip over to help create space between the switch and the control knobs so one can select pickup positions without accidentally turning the volume down- a great authentic Gatton feature. The spring tension is also modified for a smoother than stock feel.

Other important features include CTS 250K solid shaft control pots for sweet and smooth operation. Another added bonus is the Sprauge “Orange Drop” high end .05 capacitor linking the volume and tone controls and the use of “Silver stranded” Teflon coated wire to deliver the high fidelity signal from the Barden Engineering “Danny Gatton” set of noiseless / high output pickups. This all exits the guitar thru a Switchcraft 1/4″ jack mounted in a billet aluminum “Jack can”. All components are American made to the highest quality standards.

The guitar is set up with DR pure blues Nickel strings in .010 gauge as Danny’s original guitar. Intonation is guaranteed by the incorporation of custom Vintique Brass bridge saddles that are compensated to meet the task.

This tasteful and accurate build out was performed in Jay’s custom guitar shop by Jay himself. We feel that the eventual owner love this guitar as much as we do.

The Humbler – Danny Gatton movie got a fabulous donation!!!

Luthier Carson Hess donated this amazing replica of Danny Gatton’s 1953 Telecaster!! The work and detail is astounding… We are so greatly honored and grateful by this incredible and generous donation to our campaign!!

 Carson Hess -Luthier   –

All of the parts are reproductions that have been artificially aged by myself to replicate the wear and patina on Danny’s original 1953 Tele. All materials used are as close to original Fender specifications as possible, but this is not a Fender guitar.

The neck is Maple and made by “All-Parts” – it has the fat, baseball bat profile (about .98″ thick at the first fret, 1″ at the 12th fret) 9.5″ radius, 6105 frets, complete with 3mm Cubic Zirconium side dot markers.

Bone nut- which I cut to accommodate .10-.46 guitar strings, but the guitar currently has an .11-.50 set on it and it still plays great

Kluson vintage style nickel tuners.   The body is a 2-piece ash that I cut from my own personal wood supply.

Body sprayed in era correct nitrocellulose lacquer “blonde” finish. Genuine Bakelite pick guard.

Fender bridge plate with serial number “4883” and vintage style brass saddles.

It has the “Greasers Halloween Car Show October 1988” trophy plate that was mounted below the bridge plate of Danny’s guitar

Custom fabricated stainless steel “Magic Dingus” plate with engine-turned finish (plate is removable) This plate covers Roger Miller’s signature that was carved into the top of the guitar

Era correct domed top chrome volume/tone knobs. chrome control plate.

Joe Barden Engineering “Danny Gatton” signature pickup set  (These are the newer models made by Joe Barden Engineering)

Standard 3-way Tele wiring.   Vitamin T .47 paper in oil capacitor. 250 K Emerson pro CTS volume pot- extra smooth turning, great for doing volume swells.

1 Meg tone pot. CRL 3-way switch with bent switch tip.

I’ve also included a vintage (super rare!) Fender model “358” heavy gauge white guitar pick- Just like Danny used!

The guitar is a well-balanced weight of 6.8 lbs. Tweed hard-shelled thermometer guitar case.

This guitar sounds great!


Many thanks to Jan and Holly Gatton, Ed Eastridge at Big Mo, Luthier Carson Hess,  Fender Guitar Corporation,  Fender Custom Shop,  Jay Monterose at Vintique Guitars, Video Culture, Inc. and others.

The Humbler team understands that not everyone is able to show their support with a monetary contribution. Please spread the news of The Humbler Movie in any way you can.

Thanks for being part of a community that honors Danny Gatton, his spirit, his soul and his music!!